TeamIpswich Water Polo

Custom Merchandise for members only

To order, press buy now button. Enter as description your name followed by Garment type & Size. Qty you require and amount your are paying. Hint:- if you are buying a few items, just put something in the description that identifies you and simply send an email with the specific details/breakdown of items etc.
TeamIpswich Water Polo garments are intended for use by Ipswich Water Polo Team and associated supporters only.

If you are uncertain of your eligibility position, kindly contact Phil Trett who has authorised this webpage and associated work.Alternative apparel is also available with prices on request. Such as T Shirts (circa £10 and Jackets circa (£30).

Backpacks are available @ £15 supplied and printed. These are great for carrying your swimwear!

Workshop Address: - Custom T Shirt, Cordys lane, Trackside Park, Trimley St Mary, Felixstowe, IP11 OUD
Team Ipswich water polo hoody Team Ipswich Hoody. Custom printed hoody including embroidered motif on the front and text printed in Cad Cut Raised-flock. This item is not sold individually. Minimum order 4 pieces.

£23.00 ea (collect from workshop) Call to order

Call Ronnie for a quote on 07702 276118 or 0800 0787119>